A job for two


After the sudden death of our beloved director Mr. Jacques Hacfort, a lot has changed in our hotel. The overall management has been taken over by Mr. Anton Maltzahn. He says he wants to prepare the hotel for the future. His measures can be called resolute to say the least. For example, he recently fired our most loyal and internationally acclaimed Concierge Karel Koperslager.

Why is anyone's guess. Given the success of our hotel, this vacancy should be filled as soon as possible. It is a function for 2 persons. If you are flexible, loyal and most discreet, this job may be something for you. Quickly reserve a place in our agenda for your job interview with Mr. Anton Maltzahn.





Share the pleasure of meeting. Grow together through every experience, in line with a common, worldwide, harmonious society.


The guest first

I make every effort to ensure that guests are so satisfied with our relationship that they come back and convince others to come.


Solidarity and mutual aid

Les Clefs d'Ors is only as strong as its weakest link. Always be available and offer help.


Compliance with commitments

Respect your word: "I say, I do, and I do that until the end." Be honest under all circumstances.


Strive for excellence

I have the will to make constant progress. I seek the exceptional in everything I do.



I see, I hear, I know ... and I keep silent.



"I demand more from myself than others expect from me." Actions are worth more than a thousand words.

Serve without being servile; Serving with a capital S, constantly strive for excellence.

  • Unique for 2 persons
  • Open since April 2019
  • Multiple rooms
  • Advanced
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Room information

80 minutes

2 persons


Side note

To save the precious time of our manager Mr. Anton Maltzahn not to waste we ask you to reserve an available time in his agenda. an amount of € 85 will be charged for this.

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